Amazon Gift Card How To Get, Amazon Gift Card Buy A Detailed Tutorial

Why to buy an Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards are very affordable if used to give away people, and Amazon gift cards can use their own photo as a card! Very beautiful, you can give your friends a surprise, of course, if your friends will not sea Amoy, then you can suggest that he come to Extrabux Amoy network to have a look.

Because foreign consumer credit card purchases do not need a password, the purchase of gift cards to avoid embarrassment with someone else’s credit card, because it is purchased, and can be purchased in accordance with the required amount to avoid buying a black card to Taobao, the exchange rate is According to the real-time exchange rate, a lot of Taobao is 6.3, there are less than 6.1, but the black card is very likely. Some limited purchases of goods, such as Philips 1150, etc. If you need to purchase more than one, you need more than one credit card and multiple accounts, but if there is a gift card you cannot need so many credit cards, you can directly open a gift card purchase.

Reminder: with the old credit card binding account, buy Amazon gift cards, sent to their own mailbox or a new mailbox, and now find the domestic mailbox cannot receive the password, it is recommended to use Gmail mailbox, and then use the gift card to buy a new account.

Amazon Gift Card Note:

1.Amazon provides the gift card cannot be used for sales, so if the transfer of a small amount of transfer, to avoid an account to buy too much risk of sealing account closure. If you really need a lot of gift cards, please try to use multiple credit card machines scattered time to buy.

2.Amazon Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase s & s products.

3.limit the purchase of goods, such as Philips 1150 cannot buy too much, instant gift cards should also be taken to avoid risks, try not to buy too much a computer a day, some friends with a credit card to buy a few successfully, but the Amazon regulations in the end How to implement we are not sure. Safety is the number one priority.

Buy Amazon gift card detailed tutorial

After clicking the gift card purchase link , it will enter the next page

Fill in the red letter according to the instructions. the first gift card generally choose to use the Amazon own on the line, unless you have special requirements.

2.choose a style, this casual, to see their own preferences

3.fill in the gift card information.

Select a fixed amount in the drop-down menu to select a fixed amount of gift cards.You can also enter any amount you want to buy next to it;

Delivered immediately if the delivery date is not written. After the order is successful, Amazon will immediately send the gift card to your mailbox

After filling, click the yellow add to order.

Click, the right side of the order will change,

If you need to modify the amount or quantity, click the Modify button. If no problem, click Checkout. Then Amazon will let you log in again, following the same process as buying regular merchandise at Amazon.

After that you will receive your gift card and password in your mailbox, and you will be able to use it at Amazon.

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