US Amazon gift card (gift card) Is What? Its Advantage

What is the Amazon Gift Card Gift Card (referred to as GC)?

Amazon Gift Card is a shopping card / voucher issued by a foreign merchant. There are many such cards in China, such as shopping cards issued by Wal-Mart and Hualian. American Amazon gift card Gift Card can be used to make purchases on the Amazon, choose to pay at the checkout time GC, and then enter the password above the GC, Amax will give priority to deduct the amount on the GC, if the amount of GC is not enough to pay for the order, re-enter the credit card to continue paying the rest of the purchase price.

If the amount on the GC is greater than the order amount, the extra amount will not be deducted, you can stay in your account the next time you continue to use, as easy as using cash, and will never expire.

If you do not have a domestic dual-currency credit card, or too lazy to apply, or for some special reasons (such as want to constantly apply clothing and footwear newcomer 8 yards), how in the absence of a credit card or do not have to apply for a new credit card Can I still shop at Amazon? That is to use the Amazon gift card to pay for the order. In addition, even if you have a credit card, you can skillfully use Gift Card to increase the advantages of overseas shopping.

In the United States there is Gift Card Amazon on the page, buy the above is the safest. Because the United States Amazon regulations, GC cannot be used to resell sales, so I do not recommend everyone to buy GC on Taobao, and Taobao has a number of unknown low-rate GC, there are already many people bought used and found that their account was Amazon titles, these black cards suggest that you do not use it for the sake of cheaper. Gift cards, as the name implies, are used to give away people. If you do not have a credit card, there are other people around you that have international credit cards that they can give you by purchasing an e-gift card on the Amazon Gift Card page. Of course, Chinese pay attention to reciprocity, you know. As long as you are not commercial sales can be.

Advantages and benefits of using the Amazon Gift Card (GC)

1, some friends are more enthusiastic, lend their credit card directly to others, in order to credit card information security, do not recommend such behavior, and give gift card there is no such security concerns. After you buy the gift card to others, others only see the card password, and your credit card information has nothing to do.

2, the purchase of gift cards in the Amazon when using real-time exchange rate, such as the current exchange rate of less than 6.3, while in Taobao to buy a lot of gift card exchange rates are calculated at 6.5. And black cards on Taobao true and false difficult to distinguish, there is a risk deceived.

3, taking advantage of low exchange rate when buying gift cards to recharge their Amazon account inside, to the exchange rate becomes high when you earn!

4, if your credit card limit is very small, and you want to buy a large amount of goods, then pre-purchase full gift card recharge to the account to pay, you will not be limited credit card limit.

  1. No risk Apply for new 8 fold, do not use credit card payment, each time you register a new account, with the old account according to the need to purchase the amount of merchandise recharge gift card to a new account , so you do not need to use a credit card checkout. (If you use the same credit card repeatedly re-register a new account, Amazon will monitor)

How to buy gift cards on Amazon?

First of all, you have to have a registered account of the United States Amazon, please click on the home page for the specific account of this Amazon Amoy tutorial.

With an account, click here to go to the Amazon virtual gift card address (do not buy physical card, it needs to be transported back to China, easy to lose, for domestic students useless) and then this screen, click the yellow “Place your Order” button to complete the GIFT CARD purchase.

A few minutes later, the mailbox you just filled in will immediately receive the GIFT CARD recharge code just bought, a string of code, and then login to your or your friends newly registered Amazon account, click here to go to the reload page, enter Recharge code, click “Apply to your account” to complete the recharge, recharge amount never expires, you can use when buying any product.

Finally, select a good product to join the shopping cart check it out! Note that the new 8-fold code is entered in the final step in the checkout, so the lack of GC balance will require the completion of the credit card, or cannot enter the final step in the checkout! So the balance of GC is best enough.


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