American Amazon Gift Card Buy $ 50 Get $ 10!

Buy $ 50 gift card to send $ 10 Method:

United States landed their Amazon account and click: 50 knife blades 5 to send the gift card page,to be able to see some “Exclusive offer for new gift card customers ” at the beginning of the tips is to hit the jackpot

If you show ” Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer “, PS winning is actually very easy to register Meiya trumpet can .

Sea Amoy help remind students in accordance with the following steps:

Step 1: Buy gift card, purchase address: Click here (buy electronic card can), the amount of choice of $ 50 and above can be (if you often buy things in the Amazon, Haimo help small partners can buy more, buy gift cards Never expired, but also the province each input credit card),

Step 2: Click the “Proceed to checkout” button, the credit card payment page appears, enter the name of the credit card you want to use, card number, expiration date and other information, Step 4 : Click the continue button, the last order confirmation page, there will be a place to enter the discount code, enter here Amazon discount code (discount code:  0616GCARDS ), (if the input is invalid, the discount code is copied to the text document , And then copy the coupon code from the text document into the page, if it still does not work, just buy it, the actual situation of the fans is: Although the purchase of gift cards cannot use the discount code, but as long as there are five days after winning the prize will be automatically Give you 10 knife code back to the mailbox ) In fact, all Amazon discount codes are entered here, including the purchase of gift cards, the gift card received by the mailbox is a string of code. After we buy goods in the Amazon, it is here to enter the string of numbers, it will automatically offset the corresponding amount. Remember to enter the right click Apply button,


Step 5: Click the Place your order button, submit the order!

Note: gift card purchase checkout alone (do not put it in the shopping cart checkout with other things).

After the gift card is purchased, Amazon sends the prepaid code to the mailbox. The gift card is valid forever. You can enter it at the next page when you buy Amazon products (you can also reload your Amazon account in advance). Receive a $ 10 discount code, Amazon will automatically apply to your account within 5 days after the order is completed, and e-mail notification to your registered mail, and spend money to buy the gift card is valid for life.

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